Believe in yourself to build your golden future


In order to make an impossible into possible, one should have strong belief in their abilities. Believing in oneself is the first step for a happy and successful life. We have to do it because we are the only ones who can build each and every second of our golden future, no one else do that for us.

To believe in our capabilities, we should overcome fear. It is very easy to say, but, it is not so easy when it comes to overcoming it.  Here is a practical way in which one can overcome it.

For example, we don’t get fear if we have to go into a swimming pool, in fact we enjoy it. But, if we have to swim in an ocean, we will definitely get fear because; one needs lots of struggle to survive. What is causing fear here? Is it water that we fear for?

riskFear don’t come because of the actions that we perform, in fact, it comes because of our constant negative thinking about the outcome of that action. First of all, before going to perform some action which causes fear, make a list of the outcomes that arise from it.  Then, make an estimation of the probability for positive and negative outcomes. If the chances for negative outcome are more, then make backup plans for facing that negative plans & check the probability of facing the outcome again. Repeat the process until the positive outcome becomes dominant. In some cases, we will have no backup options. In such cases, one has to try till the end and also, should not lose hope till the last minute.

In addition to that, we should always have “Can do” thoughts. It is not so important whether people listen to our words or not, but the fact is, it is we who will listen to each and every word that we speak. So, we must be careful in choosing our thoughts, because we should not expect beautiful flowers by planting grass.

Also, one should understand the fact that every successful person has a failure story. One should not fear in making attempts to reach a higher goal, because one cannot build a beautiful palace, if he is afraid of laying bricks.




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