Message of a Wise Monk

lord-buddha-statue-hd“Once there lived an old monk on the bank of River Ganges. He was a very wise monk and he had some disciples too. One day while he was in meditation, one of his disciples named Aswath came to him. Aswath waited for some time as the monk is in deep meditation. After half-an-hour the monk opened his eyes and saw Aswath.

Monk: My dear Aswath, you look so perplexed. What’s the reason?

Aswath: Guruji, today morning I had a quarrel with Vignesh. After that incident, my mind lost its peace.

Monk: Is that the reason for your arrival here?

Aswath: Guruji, not just for that. I came here to ask you something more important than that.

Monk: Tell me dear, what is in your mind?

Aswath: You always look so peaceful and happy. How can you do that? Would you please teach me that technique?

Monk: Okay Aswath, before that I would like to tell you a story.

The Story:

“Long time ago, there was an emperor named Vikram. He was a cruel king and he fought so many battles to acquire more and more wealth. Even after earning so much wealth, he could not attain inner peace.

One day, he went to a forest for hunting animals. While following a deer, he lost his path in the forest. He wandered here and there almost for 4-5 hours in that dense forest and then reached a tribal area. By that time, he was completely exhausted. There the people saw him and welcomed him with grace. They understood his situation and gave him so many fruits and water. After eating them, he gained some energy and started to see in all directions. He noticed happy and cheerful faces all around. He couldn’t understand the reason how they were so happy even if they don’t have any facilities and wealth there. In the meantime, the chief of the tribal arrived and he wished the king in a very polite manner and asked him to come with him. Even though the king have no idea of what is happening, he obliged the words of the chief as he felt very much comfortable in the tribal company. He took him to an old sage who sat under a banyan tree. Then the chief took his blessings and left.

Then the sage inquired the king about the reason for his arrival. The king explained the whole story.

Sage: Dear king, your problem is a very simple one. My people know every path in this forest, they will lead you to your kingdom.

King: I am grateful for that. My mind has lost into different thoughts, would you please help me?

Sage: For sure, I will help. What is bothering you?

King: I have so much wealth and I am king of so many kingdoms. But, I never attained inner peace in my life. How could these tribal people live so happily? What is the reason behind their happiness?

Sage: Dear king, the answer to your question is a very simple one.

These people believe that each and every one of them  belongs to the same family. They love each other and they help each other all the time. They trust each other and they never fight with others. They treat everyone with love. They might not know whom you are, but they saw you hungry, so they satisfied your hunger happily. Till now you thought wealth could attain you happiness, but, in fact wealth alone can never give happiness to anyone. These people may not have wealth, but they have nature for them to give their food. They do friendship with animals, even they treat the animals with love. That is the reason behind those happy faces.

After listening to the sage words, the king understood the real reason behind happiness. Then, he reached his kingdom with the help of the tribal people. After that day, he changed his complete nature and started to treat everyone with love. He spent most of his wealth for the people’s welfare and attained his inner peace through love. He won hearts of all people and he became one of the most successful emperors.”

Monk:   Dear Aswath, how was the story?

Aswath: The story cleared all my confusion. Thank you Guruji for teaching me the reason behind happiness.

Monk: So, you understand the reason now. From the story, there are some morals to be learnt:

  • Wealth alone won’t give happiness, so never get struck in the clutches of earning without helping anyone.
  • Treat everyone with grace and love

If you follow these, you could live peacefully and happily throughout your life.



Best Regards,



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